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Please use the form whenever you need to submit any supplemental or support documents to the district. Please be sure to include the student's First and Last Name and Date of Birth. If needed, you can submit more than one of the Document Attachment Forms.


Proof of Residency: (for those who are residents of Jordan-Elbridge School District):  provide one of the following:  Mortgage Statement, Signed Lease within last 90 days from current date, Landline Telephone Bill, Cable Bill, Internet Bill, Gas/Electric/Oil Bill, or Water Bill.

Immunization:  (English only, signed by a physician)  


Custody or guardianship legal documents:

Proof of Student's Age: Please provide one of the following:  Birth Certificate (must be certified original), Baptismal Record, Passport

Parent Photo Identification: please provide one of the following: Driver's license or Non-Driver's license, Passport, Sheriff's Identification

Other Health Records and Psychiatric Reports you are willing to share:

Proof of Residency: (IF you are living with a Jordan-Elbridge School District Resident):  provide ALL of the following:   

1) We will need mail with your name on it reflecting the Jordan-Elbridge address (the mail must be within the same month that you are registering)

2) A letter from the Jordan-Elbridge resident stating that the student lives with them.

The Residency Affidavit  needs to be completed and notarized. You can download a copy of the Affidavit from the Registration page on our website. If you require a Notary, please call the Registration Office 315-689-8500 ext. 5011 to schedule an appointment.

Please also provide any of the following documents: